Peel a Potato ( MINT )

Each potato will cost 0.5 SOL to mint. Max transaction of 10 per wallet. All 10,000 pieces will be priced the same and there will be no bonding curve. Sale will end in 7 days from time of start, or once all NFTs have been minted.

1x Soltato NFT

0.5 SOL

0.5 SOL per NFT

Why potatoes?

In a time where there are jpegs of rocks going for millions, and projects that showcase cats buttholes, why not potatoes? Our potatoes are a celebration of the current insane times we are witnessing mixed with current mainstream media.

With over 300 unique attributes, no potato will be the same.

Every potato is unique and has its own personality. The potatoes skin, arms, legs, face, head, and a ton of accessories are all randomized.

Each of our traits have a rarity ranking. Common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

Try your odds at getting our rare ONE out of ONE cards, such as Alien Potato, Ape Potato, Zombie Potato, and some other suprises!

All potatoes live on the Solana blockchain.

This allows collectors to buy, sell and trade potatoes with collectors from around the world, and you don't need to pay $500 just to mint or transfer.

Potato Field

Everyone who holds one of our potatos will have access to the potato field, which will be your portal for all future NFT drops which you can claim, and additionally will be where you have a chance to win prizes weekly!

The Potato DAO will gain portions of the raise. The money sent to the DAO will be used to occasionally sweep the price floor of our NFTs, adding stability to our ecosystem. Holders of potatos will also be able to vote on community decisions.